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                                    Development History

                                    • 2015

                                      ★ Huge investment in e-commerce, Guangdong Zhujiang Wire & Cable Co., Ltd.

                                      ★ Alibaba platform officially launched

                                      ★ Established Zhujiang Global Trade Co., Ltd.

                                    • 2014

                                      ★ Large-scale purchase of production equipmentfrom developed.countries such as Germany and Europe, such as wire drawing machines and wire drawing machines

                                      ★ Moved to Heshun New Factory Area

                                      ★ Guangdong Zhujiang Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. official website

                                    • 2010

                                      ★ Undertake project: Guangzhou Haixinsha

                                    • 2009

                                      ★ For the first time, we imported production equipment for wire and cable industry from developed countries such as the United States and Taiwan.

                                      ★ Undertake project: Guangzhou Tower

                                    • 2008

                                      ★ Undertake project: Foshan Creative Industry Park

                                    • 2006

                                      ★ Purchase of advanced equipment and production lines for advanced wire and cable industry in large quantities

                                      ★ Undertake project: Lingnan Pearl Gymnasium, Guangzhou Garden Hotel

                                    • 2004

                                      ★ Got the help of the government, peers, and chambers of commerce

                                      ★ Undertake project: Guangzhou University City

                                    • 2000

                                      ★ Created billions of sales in the following year

                                      ★ Undertake projects: Qiandeng Lake, Foshan, Beijing Normal University (Zhuhai College), Guangzhou Tianhe Sports Center, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport

                                    • 1998

                                      ★ Guangdong Zhujiang Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. was established

                                      ★ "Fenjiang pai" was born

                                      ★ Undertake project: Guangxi Gymnasium, Guangzhou Olympic Stadium