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                                    Guangzhou International Wire and Cable and Accessories Exhibition 10.1 Hall D63

                                    Guangzhou International Wire & Cable and Accessories Exhibition started in 2009 and is the most influential cable event in South China. It is dedicated to building an efficient business communication platform for manufacturers and industry decision makers. The exhibition covers a wide range of cable products, bringing together leading brands at home and abroad to adapt

                                      distributors and exporters to tap target customers and create new business opportunities.

                                    The international cable market presents new opportunities
                                    With the increasing demand for integration of wind power and solar power and power grids in many countries, and the supply of renewable energy resources in Europe and Asia, the scale and total value of the power cable market have shown an upward trend. According to data from the technical market analysis agency BBC, it is expected that the global cable market will grow to RMB 1.8 trillion by 2019, and the compound annual growth rate will reach 7.7% in the next five years.